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Comfort Keepers Personal Care Assistants: Medication Safety and Management in Lancaster, CA

Learn more about ways that your senior loved one can manage their medications with tips from the personal care assistants from Comfort Keepers of Lancaster, CA          

There’s no doubt that properly taking medication is important to seniors.  Lapses in medication can lead to emergencies that can require hospitalization, and can sometimes be fatal. No matter how clear-headed and independent your senior is, it’s always possible to miss a dose of medication. 

Seniors, of course, often take many different medications, some three times a day, some once, etc.  It’s only natural for it to be confusing and hard to keep up with.

One of the key services that Comfort Keepers is helping your senior family member facilitate medications properly.  While our personal care assistants don’t dispense medication, they do assist by reading prescription labels and giving reminders for times to take various meds.

Medical Safety Products

Comfort Keepers personal care assistants have various inventions to help you keep everything the way it should be when it comes to your loved one’s medication.  We make available an array of pill dispenser systems to assist in making your loved one’s medication life as accurate and smooth as possible.

Pill Dispenser- This management system is ideal for seniors who have a particularly rough time managing their medications.  The Pill Dispenser organizes meds and doles them according to a schedule. It alerts your loved one with a text message or a voice command. Further, it sends alerts of missed doses!  It also locks up meds.

Tab Safe- This system has cartridges holding as many as 32 doses of medicine.  It’s perfect for a senior who has multiple medications to keep track of. The dispensing button is large enough for easy use.

MedMinder- This cellular pillbox locks to keep medications secure; it supplies audio and visual reminders when it is time to take a medication.  The MedMinder holds a week’s worth of meds in 28 compartments.

As you can see, Comfort Keepers has a thorough line of defense to help your senior loved one keep track of medication.

Please also realize that we initiate our home care with any client with an in-home consultation.  We believe that the best care, in all facets, is highly customized.  That’s why we’re here to listen, and to involve you in crafting a personal care assistant plan that works best for your loved one and your entire family.

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